Final Patch (for now)

Hello! This is the final patch for Manic Mania (for now)


  • Added a basic crosshair.
  • Added some tutorial text when starting a new run for those who didn't read the controls on the main menu.

The Future:

So, what's up? Manic Mania was made in 7 weeks by a team that had little to no prior Unity experience. To say the least, the internals of the game (code, etc.) are a mess and cannot be added to their current state. We desperately would like to update the game with more content in the form of unlocks and so on, but simply can't.

So what should you expect? Our current plans are to remake the game from the ground up in a much better fashion and improve upon systems and mechanics we felt needed it. Our hope is the game should run, feel, and play much smoother once all this is done, and most importantly, we can update it without problems. If you are concerned the game is going to end up the same, don't be - our time making the game has improved all our skills with the engine and we can say with confidence the new version will be a major improvement.

Hopefully, if you enjoyed the game and want more, you'll stay tuned for what we have planned. But for now, this is going to be the state of the game on It will remain free to play here even once we are finished with the remake. As a team, we wanted to thank everyone who played the game, made videos, and donated from the bottom of our hearts and are excited to get to work on the new version soon.

Until next time!
-Softlock Games


Manic Mania for Windows (ver 1.06) 177 MB
May 04, 2021
Manic Mania for Mac (ver 1.06) 180 MB
May 04, 2021

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